Jet Hand Dryer (Big)




SAFETY AND HIGH QUALITY :Automatic hand dryer is made of High quality ABS material for ensureddurabilityandit is both corrosion-proof and lightweight,environmentally-friendly material, At the same time, this material makes the hand dryer lightweight and not bulky.
STRONG AIR AND HEATS UP QUICK : Impressive high speed 1400 Watts,Voltage : 220V (50Hz-60Hz),85 m/s wind speed hand dryer,dryies your hand within 5 -7 seconds, 3 times faster than conventional ones, temperature of Wind 20 ± 15° celsius., MOTOR TYPE : BRUSHLESS MOTOR
LOW NOISE AND LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION : perfect for commercial bathroom or kitchen , Low energy consumption and no wasting paper towels, strong air dry your hand quick,save a lot of toilet paper,also help you save money on electric bills.
EASILY MOUNTED : Plug in directly or access to power through modifying wiring, easily mounted on the wall and will serve long-term. Perfect for home and commercial use, bathroom, restaurants, hotels, casinos and shopping malls ,Dimension: L 30 x B 18 x H 67.5 cm
EASY AND QUICK TO INSTALL : The hand dryer can easy to be mounted on wall. It can easily assemble on many kinds of walls. This sleek, elegant and modern design hand dryer can harmonize with your kitchen, laundry room, professional salon, public and home bathroom’s style