Shoe Polish Machine Gold/Silver Large


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★AUTOMATIC MACHINE:Including automatic sensor,it will work automatically when shoes approaches,then begin to remove the dirt,when Taking out your feet,the machine stop automatically.
★Scope of application:Shoe polisher is heavy duty machine, is convenient to carry, suitable for home use, train/subway station/airport use, office and hotel lobby use.
★High-gloss fiber ball shoe brush with shoe wax. It comes with polishing, dust removal, shoe polish, and comes with a stop.
★SAVING TIME & LABOR:With this shoes polishing machine,there is no need to bend over to wipe your shoes,as this machine can be operated completely with your feet,then give you a bright shoes in a few minutes,just place it in your hall and take a little time to clean,polish your shoes every time you go home or get out.
★The shoe polishing machine adopt ultra quiet, low power, durable anti burn motor, motor speed and motor torque is most suitable for shoe polishing machine