Quadrate Laundry Cart Steel


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Heavy Duty 65 kg Quadrate Laundry Cart With Wheels And Removable Canvas bag

Description :
The Heavy Duty Laundry Cart is a one of a kind laundry bag with wheels.
The lightweight, strong, and waterproof canvas material that the laundry bag is made of is removable.
The laundry trolley’s large, heavy-duty muscular wheels are one of its distinguishing features. They can move on a variety of surfaces, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and concrete.

Features :
Portable ,Wheeled.Handle

Specifications :
Product Type : Laundry Cart
Brand : Made in India
Material : Stainless Steel
Usage : Hotels, Hospitals ,Restaurant
Bucket Capacity : 65 kg
Wheel Type : Solid Wheel
Wheel Amount : 4
Style : Modern
Movement : Easy Movement From Place to Place