Woodbury 00080-Field 4-File 15-67 Major-general William F

Woodbury 00080-Field 4-File 15-67 Major-general William F

Fantastic 00080-Box 4-File fifteen-86 Mrs

Show, Dominating Standard next Inf. Div. Harry M. Hunke, Secretary Public information Manager, Fort Lewis, Washington 00080-Container 4-Document fifteen-68 Learn Sergeant Wallace E. Vaught 00080-Container cuatro-Document fifteen-69 Sgt. Tony Alcohol, Sgt. World class Gordon Fordyce, Big John H. Watts 00080-Box 4-Document 15-70 Earliest Lutheran Church, Mandan 00080-Package 4-Document 15-71 Very first Lutheran Church, Mandan 00080-Package cuatro-Document 15-72 Pastor Carsten F. Brien, Basic Lutheran Church 00080-Container cuatro-File fifteen-73 Pastor Carsten F. Brien, Very first Lutheran Church 00080-Container cuatro-File 15-74 Clyde Wright, Mandan 00080-Box cuatro-Document 15-75 Clyde Wright, Mandan 00080-Field 4-File 15-76 Furniture display screen 00080-Package 4-Document 15-77 Seats display 00080-Container cuatro-File fifteen-78 Seats screen 00080-Box cuatro-File fifteen-79 Chester Sherman, Trawling Server, Reuben Schlikenmeier, kneeling, Peter Allen, returning to camera, Setting up the first floor looking off lift shaft 00080-Container cuatro-File fifteen-80 Boiler getting set up building 00080-Container 4-Document 15-81 Financial support building and moonlight 00080-Box cuatro-File fifteen-82 Financial support strengthening and you will moonlight 00080-Box 4-File 15-83 Investment strengthening and you will moon 00080-Container 4-Document 15-84 Bridge at the twilight 00080-Container cuatro-File fifteen-85 Mrs.

An effective.Grams. John Thomas thinking about tangle of tumbleweeds 00080-Box 4-File fifteen-87 S. J. Luthander – vehicle driver having Consolidated – Luthander and Howard Toman remaining automobile to have ten minutes. After they came back and discovered auto laden up with openings, no hunters up to – should have are from specific length – Fragments generated gap shown 00080-Container cuatro-File fifteen-88 Around three men with hen chicken into the Badlands 00080-Container 4-Document fifteen-89 Dale Laib, step three, young buck from Mr.

Townsend, Co-President out-of Bazaar, Mrs

Bismarck Tribune Range – November 1961 00080-Package 4-File 16-01 Man 00080-Box cuatro-File 16-02 Guy 00080-Field 4-Document 16-03 Around three FFA pupils 00080-Package 4-File sixteen-04 Four boys 00080-Box 4-File sixteen-05 Christianson strumming German musical during the St. Vincent’s 00080-Package 4-Document 16-06 Christianson strumming Italian language musical in the St. Vincent’s 00080-Package cuatro-Document sixteen-07 Mrs. L. Nicola and you may Johnnie Fortune checking out elderly guy on St. Vincent’s 00080-Field cuatro-File 16-08 Johnnie Luck going to at St. Vincent’s 00080-Field cuatro-File 16-09 Band of feminine – Rental demonstration 00080-Container 4-Document 16-10 Woman 00080-Box 4-Document 16-eleven Mrs. Robert T. Nelson, Coverage Chairman, Mrs. Roentgen.O. O.B. Lindelow, Co-President from Bazaar 00080-Field 4-Document sixteen-twelve Mrs. Robert T. Nelson, Publicity President, Mrs. Roentgen.O. O.B. Lindelow, Co-President from Bazaar 00080-Container cuatro-Document sixteen-thirteen Mrs. Melvin Erickson, Side, Council President; Mrs. Wayne Monroe, https://kissbrides.com/tr/slav-kadinlar/ Baldwin, Council Secretary 00080-Box 4-Document sixteen-fourteen Men within meeting and you may cameraman 00080-Box 4-File 16-15 People 00080-Box 4-Document 16-sixteen People 00080-Field cuatro-File 16-17 Man 00080-Box 4-File sixteen-18 A couple men 00080-Box cuatro-File sixteen-19 Three dudes 00080-Package cuatro-Document sixteen-20 Three guys 00080-Package cuatro-File 16-21 A couple of men 00080-Container cuatro-Document sixteen-twenty-two Two men 00080-Container 4-Document 16-23 Several men 00080-Package 4-File sixteen-24 People 00080-Field cuatro-File sixteen-25 Several dudes 00080-Container cuatro-Document 16-26 Several dudes 00080-Container cuatro-Document 16-twenty-seven Guy 00080-Package cuatro-File 16-twenty eight People 00080-Field 4-Document 16-29 Man 00080-Box cuatro-File 16-30 Boy which have rake 00080-Package 4-Document 16-30 Teacher offering demo in order to pupils 00080-Package 4-File sixteen-32 Cock Gutman – Pioneer Basic 00080-Field cuatro-Document 16-33 Susie Rovick, sitting, and you can Marlys Mortvedt, second levels during the Richolt 00080-Box cuatro-File sixteen-34 Lady and you can girl 00080-Box cuatro-File sixteen-35 Lady and you will boy which have fish 00080-Box cuatro-File 16-36 Guy with chart of Kidder Condition irrigation possible 00080-Field 4-File 16-37 Guy facing Quonset 00080-Box cuatro-Document sixteen-38 Man with corn 00080-Field 4-Document 16-39 Guy which have prize 00080-Field 4-Document 16-40 Donald Henschler Roofing system Design – roofing system at the armory 00080-Box 4-Document 16-41 Herman Vanourny to the beam at the junior higher 00080-Container 4-File sixteen-42 Kids to play for the gymnasium on Northridge 00080-Field cuatro-Document 16-43 Blank classroom 00080-Container 4-Document sixteen-49 Blank class room 00080-Package 4-File sixteen-forty five Guys involved in gym for the Driscoll? 00080-Package cuatro-Document 16-46 Dudes in fitness center from inside the Driscoll? 00080-Package cuatro-File 16-47 Braddock University 00080-Container 4-File sixteen-forty-eight Erecting tower 00080-Box cuatro-Document sixteen-forty-two Color stage set 00080-Package cuatro-Document sixteen-fifty Ballerinas 00080-Box 4-File sixteen-51 S.J. Luthander at the side of vehicle that have bullet openings when you look at the roof 00080-Container cuatro-File sixteen-52 Unlabeled 00080-Package cuatro-File sixteen-53 Craig and you will Connie Aldrich, 5, Susan and Sandra Jensen, 6, Paula and you can Pamela Sackman, 6, Joel and you can John Bell, 5, Judy and you may Joel Guttormsen, six, Debra and David Simon, 7, Joyce and you can Joel Pfenning, nine, Gayle and Gwenn Kaizer, nine – Within Saxvik University 00080-Container 4-File 16-54 Brick building later in the day