Textual Facts: Characters taken to Washington authorities, 1836-48; and you may representatives and others, 1836-forty-eight

Textual Facts: Characters taken to Washington authorities, 1836-48; and you may representatives and others, 1836-forty-eight

Tribal membership rolls submitted to the new Gallup Urban area Office and you will Joined Pueblos Agency, 1910-60

Textual Facts (within the Ohio City, but as noted): Indian Work environment circulars, ca. 1910-twenty-five. Tree and you will flames profile and you will correspondence, 1931-53. Agencies interaction and you can report documents, 1932-55. Grazing irrigation, ground conservation, and you will garden suggestions, 1935-57. Range and you may wildlife yearly accounts, 1948-55. Personal Fitness Services contract communication, 1955. Tribal finances facts, 1959-62. Memorandums master documents, 1963-66. Industrial creativity information, 1965-67. mission telecommunications ulkomaalainen etiopialainen treffisivusto, 1944-68. Personal Indian currency (IIM) ledger sheet sets, 1919-65 (into the Denver), 1962-63; case data, california. 1962-65; log coupon codes, 1959-62; and check copies, 1956-65. Individual Indian currency and you may tribal posting information, 1965-68 (in the Denver). Land transaction situation documents, 1951-70. Homes lease circumstances data, 1929-65. Cheyenne Lake Sioux advantages coupon codes, 1959-65 (during the Denver).

Building and you may utility surveys, 1942-43

Textual Details (during the Denver): Check information, 1917-thirty six.Private Indian currency (IIM) post details, 1887-1947. IIM ledgers, 1952-54. Facts regarding births, fatalities, and you will marriage ceremonies, 1911-59. Allowance ideas with plats, 1912. For every single capita commission records, 1939-68. Ideas based on tribal things, plus wellness, training, and you may sheer resources, 1948-69. Irrigation accounts, 1936-forty five. Rules and you will acquisition account filed of the tribal police divisions, 1987-88. The authorities profile, 1958-65, 1984-89. Tribal lawyer contracts, 1981-89. Tribal resolutions managed of the Gallup Town Work environment, Joined Pueblos Service, and you may Albuquerque Urban area Office, 1946-89. Indian probate documents managed by name plant, 1977-84. Belongings accommodations, 1935-64. Indian legal rights-of-way details maintained because of the label bush, which have accompanying charts, 1965-84. Assortment survey sheets and you may timber level guides, 1935-fifty. Financial help offer suggestions, 1957-80. Soil and you can variety inventories, that have associated charts, 1959-66. Ground and you may range directory maps of your own Zuni Indian Reservation, 1970. Tribal leases, 1939-66. Homes rent circumstances documents, 1939-68. Terminated oil and gas book data, 1956-62. Ideas relating to tribal things, 1935-68. Tribal costs, 1970-89. Tribal funds data handled having tribes below jurisdiction of your United Pueblos Agencies, 1967-70. Borrowing operation report records based on tribal enterprises and you may house upgrade apps, 1913-69. Indian business development instance records, 1962-67. Indian thinking- determination deal and offer records, 1976-88. E-books grasp file of advancement bundle “Towards the Zuni,” having interfiled pictures, 1976. Annual school census and you can attendance realization account, 1917-thirty two. Checklist off came back children, 1914-15. School scrapbooks, 1937-forty two. University census notes to possess Paguate Big date College, 1944-64. College student applications and you can instance files, 1950-58. Miscellaneous communication and you can account regarding the Pueblos and you can Jicarilla, Northern, Southern, Joined Pueblos, and you may Zuni Businesses; and 5th Irrigation District, 1868-1934. Survey of public standards to your Tesuque Pueblo, 1927. Branch out of Welfare statistical and you may story records, 1954-65. Facts relating to tribal health insurance and hobbies programs, 1955-66. Borrowing businesses reports, 1938-sixty. Program goal documents, 1958- 67. Highway framework enterprise files, 1937-64. Work guidance circumstances files, 1958-63.

Textual Facts (within the Fort Worth): Ideas of your Region 5 Work environment, and its particular successor, the spot 5 Work environment, in addition to central data files, 1944-48; place of work data out of Area Movie director Dover Kent, 1946-47; info relating to spending plans and you may company build, 1947-48; and you can annual analytical and you may story statement from expansion functions, 1948. Yearly and you will month-to-month analytical and you can narrative irrigation investment account, 1936-42; and you will irrigation project records, 1936-39. Central documents, 1940-64. Memorandums issued of the city offices, 1957-67. Information according to professionals, 1913-63. Information in accordance with testing, 1955-64. Information of your own Branch of Real estate, composed of central data files, 1955-60; mathematical account, 1956-64; facts according to condemnation suits into Indian lands, 1953-62; farming and grazing book data, 1949-66; and you may gas and oil rent data files, 1957-65. Facts of your Part of Homes Operations, consisting of main documents, 1955-60; annual story account from other urban area workplaces, 1959-61; info according to floor and you will wetness conservation, as well as story account, 1951-59, and you may venture documents, 1947-50; and you will suggestions per irrigation, also analysis account for the places acceptable or inappropriate having irrigation strategies, 1964. Faith funds suggestions, also interaction, 1935-57; information relating to expenses, 1948-58, and you will for every single capita money, 1968- 69; programs for tribal a job, 1959; apps to possess for every capita payments, 1968; suggestions per declined individuals, 1969; versions getting custody off lesser Indians (“child custody sheet sets”), 1968; index so you’re able to Indians who had been paid in 1969, ca. 1969; private Indian money (IIM) membership records, 1947-64; IIM ledger cards, 1947-63; and you will receipts getting moneys obtained (“official receipts”), 1950-65. Info per borrowing from the bank, as well as central data, 1948-62; statistical accounts, 1938-56; and suggestions in accordance with Indian credit connections and tribal committees, 1939-51. Suggestions of one’s Moving Pro, and correspondence, 1952-63; statistical reports in accordance with returned Indians and you will relocatees, 1953-63; listing from moved Indians, 1952-61; reports with the individual relocated Indians and Indians just who gone back to Oklahoma, 1952-62; moving (“a job guidance”) circumstances data files, 1952-65; and adult vocational studies (AVT0) instance files, 1958-65. Information of your Commercial Innovation Pro, composed of main documents, 1958-63. Indian features records, consisting of tribal lawyer price files, 1959-79. Interests information, including characters sent, 1958-63; ideas of your own area personal staff member, 1961-62; narrative profile, 1954-61; mathematical reports, 1952-65; and facts relating to the passion budget, 1953-61. Education info, as well as main data, 1953-60; statistical and you can narrative reports in accordance with Indian education in public areas schools, 1947-57; info relating to adult studies, 1957-60; student software notes, 1960-66; lineup away from people, 1959-61; index to students, 1955-60; and you will Indian university hit, 1963-67. Ideas concerning the Alabama-Coushatta Scheduling, 1928-56.